Solar Powered Pumps

Submersible, Deep well and Surface Pumps

Solar Powered Pumps operate from a clean and simple source of energy: the SUN, where it can supply power to the system which is not hazardous to life and is environment friendly. Also in comparison to Diesel water pumps it is much cheaper, because you save the fuel.

We offer a wide range of surface and submersible maintenance-free solar water pumps. This is the most efficient and durable water-pumping solution available.

Special characteristics are: High reliability and life expectancy, a helical rotor or centrifugal pump, brushless motor, high resistance to sand and corrosion. All these aspects make this kind of water pumping to a trendsetting eco-friendly alternative compared to conventional grid systems.

These systems are ideal for livestock, agriculture, recreational, residential applications, and pond management and pool circulation.

Installation of the system requires minimum effort; it does not need any heavy equipment or massive labor force. One system can be installed in one whole day with two days provision for observation.

It can be installed solar direct or battery operation. These pumps can lift up to 160 meters (533ft.) and its flow-rate is up to 130,000 liters per hour (585gpm).

We are partnering with the very experienced company Lorentz and would like to introduce this water pumping system to as many people and companies as possible.

Our service includes: Site Assessment, engineering and installation, maintenance and service, and replacement and integration.


Types of Pumps and Applications

Booster Pump 

  • water pressurising
  • drinking water supply
  • livestock watering
  • pond management
  • filtration
Circulation Pump 

  • swimming pool water circulation through a filter system and thermal collectors
  • pond management
  • irrigation
  • aquariums
Submersible Pump 

  • Livestock watering
  • Deep Well Pumping
  • Pond management
  • Irrigation
For Booster and Circulation pump applications 

Plumbing or waterline Layout

Daily water requirement

For Deep Well Applications 

Well casing (at least 4” diameter)

Plumbing layout (for existing designs)