Our Partners

Partnering with the Best

One of our critical success factors in achieving our vision is “Partnering with the BEST”. These are some of the quality organizations that we deem to be early adopters when it comes to embracing the use of renewable technology to better serve their members and/or customers. All these organizations embrace our values, especially that of continuous improvement and the vision to serve their customers with top quality and efficient products.

Bernt Lorentz & Co GmbH, located in Hamburg, Germany was found in 1993. It is a Manufacturer of Solar Pumps, Solar Tracking Systems and PV Modules, e.g. circulating pumps in swimming pools. More than 150 employees represent the company in more than 100 countries. The pump portfolio spans a nominal power range from 0,15kW up to 21 kW and covers lifts up to 350 meters, and flow rates up to 130 m³/h.
SMA Solar Technology AG, based in Germany, headquartered near Kassel in Germany is the world leader in solar inverter technology and manufacturing. More than 300 engineers built up standards in solar technology in more than 25 years of experience. SMA will find the right photovoltaic inverter for every system.
Studer Innotec SA was founded in 1987. 90 per cent of their production is exported. High quality, reliability, and high tech are the main characteristics of Studer products. Their core competence is voltage transformers.
Solarworld, headquartered in Freiberg, Germany, is one of the largest solar companies with an integrated solar value chain worldwide. Roundabout 3000 staff members and modern factories at all production levels made Solarworld to a market leader in the solar industry. The company is located in Germany, France, Spain, South Africa, Asia and North America.
The Italian company Riello Group is world leader in combustion technology. It plays a leading role in heating and air-conditioning products and services. Greenpower Phils especially uses their solar thermal systems. Riello was found in the 1920s and is successful in over 60 countries. Their aims are to protect the environment and to build up sensitivity towards renewable energies.
Accuwerk SehmaTal GmbH is a German gel lead acid battery producer. Since 1944 the battery production is located in Sehmtal without any interruption. The high quality batteries made in Germany have special characteristics: deep discharge and cycle proof, completely sealed, absolutely maintenance free and extraordinary long shelf life.
Trunz Group is a Swiss Company, headquartered in Steinach, Switzerland. Their ambition is to make drinking water and electricity accessible to everybody, anywhere and anytime, from solar and wind. They have developed a simple self-sufficient water treatment system. The systems use photovoltaic and wind generators to produce clean drinking water. The capacity ranges from 7,000 to 24,000 liters a day. Today over 400 systems are operating in more than 30 countries worldwide.